Raihan Seraj

MEng. Student in Electrical Engineering

About me

Raihan Seraj

Meng Student at McGill.

I am a Masters student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill. I am working at the Systems and Control Group,Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM) under the supervision of Professor Aditya Mahajan. I was a former Research Engineer (Software Development) at Department Of Biomedical Physics and Technology, University of Dhaka under the supervision of Dr. Siddique-e- Rabbani. I completed my undergraduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

Research Interest:

I am primarily interested in using Machine Learning algorithms for achieving optimal control of multiagent systems. My research focus is therefore at the intersection of Reinforcement learning and Control systems for intelligent control applications. Additionally I am also interested to work in data-efficient learning in robotics and reinforcement learning inspired from work in Bayesian optimization.

Furthermore, I am also interested in domains of RL/MDPs for scalable navigation and manipulation, especially novel algorithms that can be deployed on humanoid robots. I also have broad interest in unsing deep neural networks as function approximators in reinforcement learning algorithms that solves the limitation of the need to develop task-specific feature representations.


Academic History

McGill University

MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering.(2017-Present)

Islamic University of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.(2011-2015)
Thesis Topic: Binary Classification of Malignant and Benign Tissue using Logistic Regression with Dynamic Sigmoid Function
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rakibul Islam

Mastermind School

GCE O and A levels (2009-2011)


  • Recepient of Graduate Excellence Fellowship at McGill (2016)
  • Member of the winning team of Brac Manthan Award for e health catagory (2016)
  • OIC scholarship (for academic excellence in university entrance examination) (2011)
  • Recipient of the Daily Star Award for academic excellence in O and A levels (2011)
  • Projects

    The following contains the summary of the projects I did as an undergraduate research intern at IUT Innovation lab and as a Research Engineer at the Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology, Univeristy of Dhaka.

    Android Application for an Indegenous Portable ECG Machine.
    Software for automatic frequency domain analysis from evoked EMG response.
    Learning algorithm to classify QRS complexes for acceptable ECG traces.
    Remote switching and regulation of 220V device using internet.
    Modified version of a stethoscope with visual feedback.
    Quadcopter providing an airborne extension to a remote rover.
    Android SpO2 application.

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    My Work Location

    Room 438, McConnel Engineering Building

    Email: raihan@cim.mcgill.ca